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Newborn Photography

Session Information


All stages of babyhood have their own special brand of magic. The first stage is the true newborn from birth to about 14 days. At this stage, the baby is fragile yet miraculous and still retains its womb-like behaviour of curling tightly and sleeping anywhere.

From 14 days to 12 weeks, your baby still has the distinctive newborn look but is gradually becoming more alert and aware of the world, building a connection with you through smiles, eye contact and physical bonding. In this phase, your newborn is often awake for a lot of the photo shoot although we can also capture some gorgeous sleeping shots as well.

Newborns have the gift of sleeping with intense concentration regardless of their surroundings, so we can pose them in a range of natural positions – snuggled within a textured wrap, on big brother’s lap, over your arm or across your chest. Throughout the shoot, we will capture those fleeting dream-like smiles, contentment, yawns and chuckles.

The newborn photography session usually goes for about 2 to 3 hours. There is no time limit to the photo session, allowing your newborn to set the pace, so you and your baby both stay relaxed and have fun together. There is plenty of time to take a break whenever your newborn wants a feed or needs to be settled.


Booking your newborn portrait session

The best time to capture your baby as a “true” newborn is usually between 5 and 10 days, so I recommend you book your newborn photo session during your pregnancy, basing the appointment on your due date, and then call me soon after your baby is born to confirm the time. Of course your baby won’t have much consideration for appointments, so if you give birth early or late, I will give you priority for an alternate time. If you prefer the newborn portraits to be taken while the baby is between 2 weeks and 12 weeks old, we still recommend making the appointment during pregnancy.


The portrait session can take place at my Avalon photography studio on Sydney’s Northern Beaches or in your own home. My studio is designed to keep your newborn cosy and comfortable throughout the session and you can sit back and relax and enjoy watching the beautiful photo shoot unfold.


What to wear

We recommend wearing simple clothes in plain colours.  Avoid clothes that have bold patterns or logos as these can detract from the images.

Bring a change of clothes and some spare nappies – we also recommend you bring a change of clothes for yourself as surprise accidents can happen if you are holding your newborn during the nappy-free part of the photo shoot.


The Viewing Session

Your viewing session will be approximately one week after your portrait session, and we will arrange a suitable time for you to view your photos at the photo shoot. I recommend inviting your partner, parent or a friend to come along with you to the viewing session, so they can enjoy the show and help you choose your prints.

The viewing session generally takes between 60 and 90 minutes. You will view all the images as a slideshow set to music and projected onto our large viewing screen, so you can decide on your selection. Viewing all the images is a special and joyous experience, and I love sharing this time with my clients as they choose from all the images.

Once you make your order, the images will be ready to collect in approximately two weeks.



50% of the session fee is due at time of booking to secure your session date, and balance is due on the day of the portrait session. Payment can be made using cash, money transfer or credit card.