Time Schedule & Sunset Times


Wedding Schedule, Lighting and Sunset Times

While you are sure to have clear ideas on what you want to achieve with your wedding photographs, I know it is also important to relax and enjoy your day. I like to keep the photography schedule flexible so you can savour every moment of your day without being too distracted by the camera.   In our pre-wedding discussions, you can tell me your priorities for photographs on the day, so that I can concentrate on taking all the photos you want while you kick back and enjoy your own wedding.

It is a great idea to make the most of natural light when taking your wedding location photos.


For wedding photographs, the ideal time frame is from three hours before sunset until twenty minutes after sunset, while midday is the least favourable time of day. However, I am experienced in making the best of any lighting situation, so you are guaranteed to get fantastic pictures of your wedding party regardless of the time of day.


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