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About Sydney Wedding Photographer Ronny Berg


Ronny Berg – Professional Wedding Photographer in Sydney


Your wedding is a precious and momentous day for both your families, and Ronny is a motivated and relaxed photographer who will blend into the background of your wedding party, while he captures every special moment.

Over the last 17 years, Ronny has attended more than 1000 weddings, documenting all the beautiful and poignant moments shared between couples, their united families and their friends. Ronny’s candid and artistic photography style catches all the small funny and quirky moments as well as the deeply significant emotional moments, capturing the essence of the day so you can cherish those memories forever.

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Ronny’s first wedding
Ronny’s first experience as a wedding photographer happened by chance – one day while he was living in Prague and studying for his Master of Arts degree in photography, he looked out the window and saw a gypsy wedding parade proceeding merrily past his apartment. Grabbing his camera, Ronny raced into the street and asked if he could take some photographs. Three days later, he was still part of the gypsy family’s wedding celebrations as the joyous festivities continued, all captured by Ronny’s camera.

This experience inspired Ronny to become a great wedding photographer, so he could highlight the beauty and the joy of these occasions. Whether he needs to climb walls or lie on the ground, Ronny will find the most interesting and artistic angle for each shot, so your personal wedding album is unique to your celebration and your family.

Ronny has a Master of Arts Degree in Photography and he is an award winning member of the AIPP (Australian Institute of Professional Photography). He has exhibited his photographs extensively throughout Europe and Australia. Since that first gypsy wedding, Ronny has now been a professional wedding photographer for more than 17 years.