Maternity Photography Session Information

Maternity Photography Session Information

Pregnancy Photography in Sydney

Session Information


The best time for a Maternity Portrait Session is when you are around 32 to 35 weeks pregnant when your joyous glow perfectly complements the beautiful curve of your belly. Of course if you have left it later than this it is still beautiful to do. I have photographed woman at 40 weeks and they were so happy they captured their pregnancy just in time! This photo shoot takes approximately 1.5 hours. Feel free to bring several clothing options, such as a shirt or cardigan to frame your belly, a lovely bra or bikini top and sarong or skirt that hangs nicely under your belly. You can also bring any any accessories such as jewellery or a scarf. If you would like some topless or nude shots, we recommend you don’t wear any constricting clothes prior to the session, so you avoid marking your skin. The session can also include your partner and siblings.


After the Session

Your images will be ready to view approximately one week after the shoot. Your images will be uploaded to a private password protected online gallery for you to view and choose your images.

Your images will be ready approximately two weeks after you place your order.


To secure your booking we require 50% of the session fee ($95), and balance is due on the day of your portrait session.  We accept cash, money transfer or credit card payments.

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