Kate & David’s Habourview Garden Court Wedding | Balmoral Beach | Orso

17 Mar Kate & David’s Habourview Garden Court Wedding | Balmoral Beach | Orso

Kate & David’s Habourview Garden Court Wedding Ceremony| Balmoral Beach Wedding Location | Orso wedding Reception

Kate & David used these locations for their wedding. Habourview Garden Court wedding ceremony at Taronga Zoo. Balmoral Beach wedding location. Orso wedding reception.

When i arrived at Kate’s house the girls were nearly ready. Got a few detail shots of the Kate’s beautiful dress and shoes before Bridesmaid and mum helped Kate into here beautiful wedding gown.

the Ceremony was held at The Habourview Garden Court located at Taronga Zoo, were David and the groomsmen were waiting. I have always loved shooting at The Habourview Garden Court, it is a wonderful place for a intimate wedding ceremony.
The wedding celebrant was Louise Spedding who held a beautiful ceremony. We did a group photo with all the guest, and family photos at The Habourview Garden Court before traveling to Balmoral beach for the location photos.

It was an overcast day with chance of rain, but we were lucky it held off during the location shoot.
Balmoral is a lovely location and we also had the rotunda as a wet weather shelter if need be.

The next stop was Orso at the Spit for the Wedding Reception.

Congratulation and thank for letting me be a part of your wedding day
All wedding photos taken in Sydney by Ronny Berg from Creek Street Photography

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